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Powerhaul secures Turkish market

GE Powerhaul locos, also known as DE 36000, has strengthened its market position in Turkey.

The heavy haul Co-Co loco, being manufactured by Tülomsaş under the licence of GE, has added a new client to its portfolio.

Production of these locos in Turkey, at Tulomsas, had begun in 2014, and 20 of them were produced for TCDD since then. Now, one of the first private train operators, Korfez Ulastirma, has inked a contract of 5 locos. It’s also heard in the market that, another private train operator candidate has also started talks with Tulomsas for Powerhaul locos.

Though Turkey has a target of 100% electrification, 30% of conventional lines are electrified yet. Ore transportation has the biggest share in rail freight. Turkish railway network has many steep inclines. GE Powerhaul has achieved good results in these conditions.

On the other hand, Powerhaul could not attract attention of European clients yet. European rail network is mainly electrified, not have many inclines, average freight speed is high. Thus 4axle light Bo-Bo locos are on top of the list in European market.

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