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What will change with Samsun Kalin railway?

The tests have started on Samsun Kalin railway.

The Samsun-Kalin line, which was closed for engineering works three years ago, is now in test phase.

Many things will change by the completion of this modernization project on 378-km-long railway:

Central tracking

With the signalization, all traffic on the line will be tracked and managed centrally. By signalization, trains will move safer.

Faster trains

Some level crossings on line are now underpasses or bridges. Barriers exist for rest. Passing loops will allow faster move of trains. Line allows a speed of 120 km/h. The travel time dropped from 9:30 hours to 5 hours.

More efficient transportation

The alignment has been rerouted to alleviate steep gradients and tight curves in some points. With signalization, underpasses, bridges and barriers, trains will stop less, slow down less, use less fuel.

More freight, more passengers

The old line was allowing 21 trains per day. New line will have a daily capacity of 54 trains. Passenger traffic will increase by 90%, freight by 30%.

Modern stations

Most of the stations on way will be renewed.

Rail connection to Russia

The line was connecting Turkey to Russia via Samsun-Kavkaz rail ferries. The rail traffic to Russia is expected to strengthen.

No electrification

The line is not being electrified.

This 260-million-Euro worth modernization project is expected to be commissioned in early 2019.

Cover Photo: TCDD ©


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