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Ankara train crash in 12 questions

Early today, 9 death and 86 injuries reported dueto high speed train crash at Ankara.

Here are the details:

How did it happen?

Ankara-Konya HST departed with 206 passengers at 6:30 from Ankara, and hit the inspection loco at Marsandiz station shortly after departure. 9 people are dead, 86 passengers are injured.

Some says HST and suburban train crashed?

Not correct. Suburban train stopped just before crash area, as seen in photos. The suburban line and HST line are different.

Some says HST hit overpass, how could it happen?

As understood from the photos, most probably, the first car of HST was derailed due to crash and hit the columns of overpass, thus overpass collapsed onto the train.

What is inspection loco?

Inspection loco runs on high speed train line before service starts and checks if everything is ok.

Is it normal that inspection loco was there?

Normally, it should not be on HST line after HST services started.

Did someone park and leave the loco there?

According to statements, loco was moving at the time of accident. As 3 loco drivers died in the accident, there should be loco driver also in the guide loco. Also it’s known that 20 minutes ago, another HST to Istanbul used the same line, so the inspection loco seems to have reached the place of accident shortly before.

Can’t HSTs notice the approaching rolling stock before crash?

HSTs are equipped with systems checking any approaching rolling stock and preventing any collision or speed violation. However, line must be equipped too. In other terms, the line must be signalized.

Is that line not signalized?

Workers Union (BTS) claimed that that section is not signalized yet. Another claim is that there is a problem with signalization and line is being managed temporarily by TMI.

Wasn’t that line renewed recently?

Yes. However, Baskentray project was commissioned without signalization. Suburban trains are managed by TMI system. Because of that reason, suburban trains are departing every 15 minutes, less frequent than the timetable announced.

What’s TMI?

It means “management of traffic by phone”. In this system, train departs with the permission of traffic controller and permission is transmitted to dispatchers by phone/radio.

Is TMI safe?

TMI is generally evaluated as “open for human errors”.  

Custodies reported?

Yes, dispatcher, train marshalling officer and controller, as reported in media.

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  1. Thanks, Onur, for the update. For a new piece of new railway these signalling issues are a little worrying. Of course the media may not give us all the answers, now that the ‘headline’ is yesterday’s news. Thanks.


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