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High demand for HST services continues

While the high speed train accident deeply saddens everybody, no decline is observed in demand of passengers for high speed trains.

Ankara-Konya high speed train crashed a inspection loco soon after it departs from Ankara. 3 loco drivers and 6 passengers lost their lives. While the discussions continue, there seems to change in high demand for high speed train services.

Though it’s weekend, most of the high speed trains have very high occupancy rates as of before-noon time. Here are the ticket availability of today’s HSTs:

Istanbul-Ankara trains have 411 seats and 7 departures in each direction. Trains are all full, a few tickets are available only for late afternoon.

Istanbul-Konya trains have 411 seats and 3 departures in each direction. Trains are all sold out.

Ankara-Eskisehir trains have 471 seats and 5 departures in each direction. Few seats left on early trains, tickets are available only for late afternoon.

Ankara-Konya trains have 471 seats and 7 departures in each direction. Occupancy  is low compared with others, tickets are available for all trains except the first.

High speed train travel details, timetables and ticketing

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  1. Thanks dear onur and sincere condelences for the tragic accidents,praying it will the last in your great country, ,i’ve got some question in mind ,is the high speed lines in turkey made totally by domestic consurtiums or mixed or other wise ,also if domestic are they general sector or private or mixed ? Are they built on concrete rail base bed or just strong soil,and what is the average cost for doubled line of high speed as well as regular line ? İs the present trend to make a whole new high speed lines or to convert and develop an already existing tracks to high speed ones if possible? Do you agree with me it was better to make the new rail tunnel 4 lines rather than the current 3 lines for futuristic potential increasing demand ? And in last as a vintage diesel fan what is the fastest diesel train in turkey ? Is there still a steam train in service ?? Sorry if I bothered you with many questions ,
    Regards And thanks
    Keep on with the great work

  2. Thanks Onur for all the excellent information and updates about rail travel in Turkey. Dreadful about the recent crash outside Ankara, just horrendous! Thanks again.

  3. Dear Onur,

    The links are not working. I think that it should be https, instead of http.

    Best Regards Hans

  4. Dear Hans-Juergen. Do you mean the train details link at the bottom, or the EYBIS screen shots? Do you read via mobile phone or pc? Many thanks for your feedback.


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