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Marmaray opening seems postponed

The opening of Marmaray, which was announced as 10th of March, seems to be postponed.

The opening date was announced as 10th of March about a month ago by former prime minister, current candidate for mayorship of Istanbul, Mr Yildirim.

As test runs started in February and stations were almost completed, the Marmaray project is expected to open in given date, after many postpones in the past. The HST tickets were being sold only until 10th of March, which was another signal of opening.

Though there’s no official statement, it seems that Marmaray will not open tomorrow.

Construction works have not been completed in some stations, especially at Halkali.

Yesterday, HST tickets of 10th, 11th and 12th of March were put on for sale. The new stations of Marmaray (Bostanci, Sogutlucesme, Bakirkoy, Halkali) still are not on the list.

Previous day, Ministry of Transport said in a conversation that HST trains will go till Halkali the week after next week.

A big ceremony is expected for opening of Marmaray. As of this morning (9th of March), there’s no announcement about that.

It seems that we’ll wait for a while for Marmaray.

Cover photo: Ali P. ©


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