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And HSTs are back at Ankara YHT station

High speed trains, that have been giving service until Eryaman in Ankara, have started departing from Ankara YHT station starting from today.

After the train crash at Ankara in last December, Ankara-Eryaman stretch was closed to HST traffic as  signalization works continued. As of today morning, HSTs restarted departing from Ankara YHT station.

Together with the Marmaray project commissioned on previous day, it’s now possible to travel from Ankara city center to Istanbul city center without any interchange.

Though there’s no official statement, the signalization works between Ankara YHT station and Sincan is expected to be completed.

TCDD Tasimacilik restarted selling HST tickets 15 days prior to departure.

Cover photo: Steve Hobson ©

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  1. Which station of HST in Istanbul is considered “the main” one?
    What is the time of HST drive form Eryaman to Ankara main station?

    • Halkali in European side and Haydarpasa in Asian side. But Haydarpasa is not open yet. Sogutlucesme will be the departing station in Asian side till opening. You can check timetables of YHT trains in Travel section of Rail Turkey.

    • Halkali the main station? It is located in the deep suburbs.

  2. No idea, this is why I’m asking. Main stations are mostly considered to be located centrally in the city. In such a big city like Istanbul this is not obvious and therefore my question 🙂

    • Sogutlucesme is the most central station for the touristically relevant districts on the Asian as well as European side. Halkali and Gebze are equivalent stations at the far ends in the Western and Eastern part of the town. The stations in between, such as Bakirkoy, Bostanci and Pendik are serving busy neighborhoods.

  3. Hi, From Ankara YHT station to AŞTİ bus terminal, shall I take Ankaray at Tandogan station or other station? Will it be a straightforward walk with a small-size luggage? Thanks for your advice.


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