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Baku train departed from Switzerland

The passenger train set which will give service between Baku and Ankara has departed from Switzerland.

The train set that had been ordered by Azerbaijan Railways (ADY) from Stadler and will work soon between Baku and Ankara departed yesterday from Switzerland.

The train set has 10 wagons: 1 luxury class sleeper, 1 comfort class sleeper, 7 standard sleepers and 1 dining car.

Baku train review

The train has a special ability to run both on standard gauge in Turkey and broad gauge in Georgia and Azerbaijan. Thus, trains will cross the border without any interruption.

Baku-Ankara trains was announced to start in 3rd quarter of this year. With this one set, only one departure in each direction is expected.

Baku train in 10 questions

Stadler will produce one more set for ADY to be used on this route.

Cover photo: Daniel Wipf ©


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