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Plovdiv-Edirne train to start

A new train service connection between Bulgaria and Turkey is announced.

The pessanger train between Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Edirne, Turkey will start on 1st of June.

2 standard coaches and 1 couchettes will be used in service with a total passenger capacity of 226. Train will run only at weekends, Saturday and Sunday. The departure and arrival times are as follows:

Plovdiv Edirne timetable

The travel time on this 180-km-long route is about 4 hours which includes both border crossing and passport checks. This time is slighly less than travel time by bus.

Train aims to attract Bulgarian visitors having daily trips to Edirne. Bulgarian visit frequently Edirne for shopping. They also have the chance to see Roman Catholic Church, two Bulglarian Orthodox churches, recently re-opened Grand Synagogue, Edirne Palace, Beyazid Mosque and Kulliye.

Ticket fares are as follows:

Plovdiv Edirne train fares

Operators will be Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ) and Turkish State Railways (TCDD Tasimacilik).

Timetable, fares and other details of Plovdiv Edirne train

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. Did the train start running? I cannot see it on either the BDZ or Tasimacilik websites.


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