985 - Tudemsas konteyner vagonuRail Industry

Tudemsas wagons in European market

Tudemsas, subsidiary of TCDD for manufacture of freight wagons, is getting prepared for export of 150 container wagons to Europe.

Tudemsas has signed one of the biggest export contracts of Turkish rolling stock industry to Europe. Together with another Sivas based wagon manufacturer, Gokyapi, Tudemsas will produce 150 container wagons for US based railway company Gatx. Sggrs type 80’ contanier wagons have TSI certificate, thus can be used in European rail network. Wagons have a length of 26.39 mt and a tara of 24.7 tons.

Gatx is one of the leading railway companies in the world with 600+ locos and 122k+ freight wagons. Tudemsas’ contanier wagons will be delivered to its Austria branch.

The prototype was already completed. Currently certification works continue which are expected to be completed by the end of this year. Production of 150 containers are planned to start by the end of this year and complete by the end of 2020.

This year, Tudemsas and Gokyapi had announced two more cooperations, production of 18 Megaswing wagons for Germany and 120 bogies for Austria.

Cover photo: Tüdemsaş ©


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