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Transasia train restarted

Transasia Express has restarted after 4 years between Tehran and Ankara.

The train service between Tehran and Ankara, Transasia Express, had departed on 7th of August from Tehran Train Station after suspended 4 years ago.

The train, with 188 seats/berths , had departed from Tehran on 7th of August 21:50, and arrived Ankara on 10th of August 7:45 with 65 passengers in its first service. Travel time is almost 60 hours.

From Tehran to Van, passengers traveled on couchettes of Iran Railways, passed Van Lake on ferry and continued from Tatvan to Ankara on TCDDT’s couchettes. New Van Lake ferry was used for the first time by Transasia Express passengers in this service.

The train fare is almost same with plane: 7.7 mn Iran Riyal (around TL 1000, USD 185).

Transasia Express will depart from Ankara and Tehran every Wednesday. The first departure from Ankara is on 14th of August. Yet there’s no official announcement in website of TCDDT about the train.

Transasia Express train details

The train services between Iran and Turkey were suspended in 2015 due to security problems. In June 2019, Tabriz-Van service started. The service was then decided to be extended to Tehran, but has not turned to a regular one. Transasia Express has now started running with more wagons in Tehran-Van route, creating additonal capacity for Tehran-Tabriz-Van. Van is one of the popular cities for tourists from Iran.

Cover photo: Kiana Hayeri ©

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  1. Did I understand correctly that carriages were not transported by ferry, only passengers?

  2. Will the train run to/from Van Iskele? What about Tatvan? Do passengers have to make their own way to/from Tatvan station?
    When this train last ran I understand that a baggage car ran through on the ferry. Presumably that doesn’t happen now

  3. How can I book a trainticket from Ankara to Tehran? We want to travel on September 11th

  4. Any news on the opening of the Ankara – Baku line?

    Pieter mommersteeg


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