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Trains overcome corona restrictions

As corona has stopped life to a great extent all over the world, trains started to play greater role in international transport.

Though some of the industries have very badly affected from covid-19 epidemic, some others are trying to supply increasing demand. Food, health product and some chem companies even increased their production to supply domestic and international demand.

However, epidemic does not only create problems in management and production, but also in transportation. Many borders are closed for passengers and freight is allowed after many checks.

While truck transportation is fighting with long delays at borders and precautions for epidemic, trains which can cross borders without any human contact very fast, have started getting increasing demand.

Currently 14 container trains are working between Turkey and Europe every week in each direction. This is almost equivalent to 1000 trucks every week. 4 companies are giving service on this route: Rail Cargo, TurkRail, Mars Logistics and Cont-Act. All those companies expressed that their services continue. While transit time for trucks is increasing, due to less passenger trains on way, container trains are now running even faster. Direct trains departing from Halkali is reaching Duisburg in 5 days.

Ro-Ro connected intermodal transport via Trieste is another solution on Turkey-Europe route. Though Italy has been badly affected from covid-19, there’s not much trouble neither with Ro-Ro service nor trains connecting Trieste to several destinations in Europe, at least not until now. This route is being used by not only contaniers but also trailers that continue by trucks from Trieste and they now need to find solutions for suspended flights, border delays and visa renewals.

Another route that railway has become a vital solution is Iran. Turkish-Iran borders were closed as covid-19 became widespread in Iran. Railway which can cross border without any contact and delay plays an essential role especially for food. Goods that had been transported by thousands of Iranian trucks have now shifted to rail.

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  1. Hi Onur great story about the increase in rail freight. Hope you are okay at this very difficult time for everyone. Best wishes from Susie in Melbourne.

    • Hi Susie. I’m ok personally and safe, but as you said, everyone in the planet is living (or will live) difficult times for a long time. Many thanks and best wishes to you and everyone in Australia from Istanbul.

  2. Hi Onur, really good that you are okay and safe. Awful times for everyone. Just dreadful. Best wishes to you and the Turkish people, who share a special Anzac bond with Australia.


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