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Train services resumed, but not all

Though most of the regional train services resumed, many others have not started yet.

After a year of suspension due to Covid-19, most of the regional trains have resumed as of today, covering 122 daily services in 22 routes. However, there are several trains that have not started yet. Here are them:

International trains will wait

There used to be limited number of services to other countries from Turkey, which were all suspended due to Covid-19. These services, Istanbul-Sofia (Sofia Express), Ankara-Tehran (Transasia Express) and Van-Tehran trains seem not to start soon. Ankara-Baku train will also wait for pandemic.

No rush in main line trains

There’s no official statement about start of main line services, Regional trains had the priority for start, since ridership is very high, some regional services are the best transport solution in their routes and travel time is short. Starting main line services will also increase the need of locomotives, where locomotives that used to be used for main line trains are currently running for freight.

No trains for Samsun yet

After a closure of 5 years due to engineering works, Samsun-Kalin railway was commissioned last year. Only freight trains had started running on line. Passenger trains were expected to start after pandemic. None of the train services that used to run on this line has started today.

Adapazari taken out from timetable

Ada Express, which used to run very frequently in the past, was announced to resume between Adapazari and Pendik yesterday. Shortly after, the final station at Adapazari has taken out from timetable. Ada Express has started to give service between Mithatpasa and Pendik today. There are 3 daily services in each direction.

Construction of 3rd line and stations continue between Gebze and Izmit. When completed, the number of departures is expected to be increased to 12. The route of trains will be extended to Halkali by then.

Disappointment for Uzunkopru, Malatya and Elazig

Two trains, Halkali-Uzunkopru and Malatya-Elazig, which used to run before pandemic, are not in today’s list. These three destinations will wait for trains.

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©


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