Touristic Dogu Express again

Touristic Dogu Express will restart service on Ankara-Kars route as of 15th of December.

Touristic version of popular Ankara-Kars train (Dogu Express), which consists of only sleepers and gives long stops for excursions, will restart service on 15th of December after a suspension of 1.5 years due to Covid19.

The first train on Ankara-Kars direction will depart at 15:55 on 15th of December. Trains will depart every Wednesday and Friday, giving 3-hours excursion stops at Ilıc and Erzurum. The travel time on this 1300-km-stretch will be slightly less than 32 hours.

First train on opposite direction, Kars-Ankara will depart at 22:20 on 17th of December. Trains will depart every Friday and Sunday from Kars. On return, there’ll be 3 excursion-stops, at Erzincan, Divrigi and Sivas. Total travel time is around 33 hours.

This new concept of train with excursion-stops is being organized in cooperation with TCDDT and Ministry of Tourism. First train had departed on 29th of May 2019. Within one year until it was suspended due to pandemic, 3 departures were organized every week in each direction and Touristic Dogu Express carried 37k passengers. More routes are being evaluated with same concept to Zonguldak, Diyarbakir, Van and Pamukkale regions.

Cover photo: TCDD

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  1. Tickets are sold out. This is the fourth time this has happened… The tourism companies buy up all the tickets and only live a few for citizens to purchase.

    • Though you have right in general especially for Dogu Express, the tickets for Touristic Dogu Express is not on sale yet. The capacity for Dogu Express was limited, since it’s subsidized by government, but Touristic Dogu Express is not, thus TCDDT announced that they can increase the capacity according to demand for Touristic Dogu Express. The reservations from agencies will be accepted until 23/11, so I expect tickets for individual travellers will be on sale very soon.


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