Railway Events

What will happen in cities in 2022?

2022 has been pointed out for several metro and tram projects.

This year is expected to be the opening time of several metro and tram projects. Here are them:

Istanbul Airport metro soon to open

Test runs continue in metro connection of new airport of Istanbul. Kagithane-Airport section of this driverless metro will be commissioned in first quarter of the year. Remainiing one station, Gayrettepe, will also be opened within this year.

The other phase of this metro project, connecting airport to Halkali also continues. Opening of this phase will not be before 2023.

Test runs start in Bostanci Dudullu metro

After a long stop, engineering works restart in this project and continued fast. While construction works continue in stations, test runs also started. The passenger transport in this first north-south direction metro of Asian side is expected to start by the end of this year.

Sabiha Gokcen meets metro

The extension line of Kadikoy-Kartal metro to Sabiha Gokcen Airport is close to opening. Test runs will start in first quarter of 2022 and service is planned to start by the end of 2022.

Halic tram will reach at Eminonu

Halic tram had started service in the beginning of 2021 excluding the first two stations. Engineering works that will connect the current line to heart of Istanbul, Eminonu continues. As Eminonu and Kucukpazar stations are added to network, the tram project will be fully commissioned.

Gayrettepe-Mahmutbey metro to extend

Two more stations, Fulya and Yildiz will be added to Gayrettepe-Mahmutbey metro line by the end of 2022. Due to archeological works, further two stations, Besiktaş and Kabatas will be commisioned by the end of 2023.

Basaksehir-Kayasehir extension to complete

Laying of rails are almost completed in the extension project connecting M3 metro line to recently opened city hospital. Test runs already started. Opening is expected in first half of the year.

Hisarustu-Asiyan funicular soon opens

Engineering works are almost completed in this funicular project connecting M6 ilne to Bosphorus coastline. The coaches were recently delivered. The services will start within this year.

Ankara M4 will reach Kizilay

The extension of Ankara M4 Kecioren metro line to HST station and Kizilay is very close to end. Engineering works are planned to be completed in late 2022. First commercial transport will most probably in 2023.

Gaziray may start service

Laying of rails is almost completed in suburban line project of Gaziantep. Electrification and signalizaiton continue. The cars ordered from Turasas will be ready by the end of 2023. Mayorship stated that service will start in 2022 using rented EMU sets.

Bursa tram will extend to bus terminal

The new tram line of Bursa connecting city square to main bus terminal speeds up again. Test runs are planned to start in first half and service to start in 2022.

The other project in Bursa, Emek-Sehir Hospital will be commisioned in 2023.

Izmir Akcaray extends

The project extending Izmit tram network (Akcaray) towards west until Kurucesme is almost completed. This part will be commissioned and start service in first quarter of 2022.

The tender for the other project extending network towards east until city hospital was recently renewed and engineering works had restarted. This part will open in 2023.

Kayseri tram network will reach 48 km

Two projects continue in Kayseri tram network. Laying of rails continue in 7-km-long Anafartalar-Hostipal-HST Station line. Engineering works also started in 5.4-km-long Talas extension project. Both of them are planned to be completed until the end of this year and start service next year. As these two projects are commissioned, total tram network will reach to 48 km and daily ridership to 175k.


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