Railway Events

What will happen in railways in 2022?

There are several railway projects to be commissioned in 2022.

Opening of a couple of projects were postponed in 2021. These projects and some other are all expected to be commisisoned in 2022. Here are them:

Karaman HST in January

Konya-Karaman HST service is announced to start in early January, which was postponed a couple of times since last summer. When services starts, some of the Ankara-Konya and Istanbul-Konya HSTs are expected to continue to Karaman. Currently, regional trains and HST connected buses are running between Konya and Karaman.

Question marks about Sivas HST

Ankara Sivas high speed line was announced to start service in September 2021, but opening was postponed a few days ago before opening. New date has not been announced yet, but high speed train is expected to open this year.

Construction continues in Istanbul Ankara line

One of three sections of Istanbul Ankara high speed line was recently completed and engineering works continue in two others. When these two completed, two progress will be seen: Trains will run with high speed all through Gebze and Ankara which will decrease travel time by half an hour. And new Siemens sets will be able to be used in this line.

No opening in Izmir and Bursa

Engineering works continue in Izmir and Bursa line. Both projects are splitted into a couple of phases, some of which have high completion rates about ground works. However, laying of rails, electrification and signalization are hard steps to be completed, and have not started yet. No opening on these lines.

Cappadocia Express to launch in 2022

The first private domestic train service, Cappadocia Express was announced in first quarter of 2021. Target for start of service was February 2022. The train will be operated by a new operator, with its own loco, coaches and team. The train is expected to start in 2022.

New touristic lines on way

Touristic Dogu Express had restarted on 15th of December. This new train, developed in cooperation with Ministry of Tourism, became succesful and inspired new routes, some of which were announced. If demand for Touristic Dogu Express continues, new routes may start in 2022.

International passenger trains depend on pandemic

The Istanbul-Sofia (Sofia Express) and Ankara-Tehran (Transasia Express) trains that were suspended due to Covid-19 and Ankara-Baku train that was getting prepared for start are waiting pandemic to be overcome both in Turkey and in related countries. New variant which is spreading very fast in whole world may postpone the hopes of a start in 2022.

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  1. Thanks for your great page, and for continuous updates. Have a happy new train-traveling year!

  2. Hello, Thank you for this website. I am preparing a trip from Istanbul to Bucharest in april. Do you know if news on the bosphorus express will come ? (due to pandemic ?)

  3. ,what happen to Ankara – Tehran (Transasia Express) also Ankara – Baku hpefully they can resume back in mid 2022.

  4. Hi Onur,
    do you know from where this unofficial news come from? Any webpage?
    Thanks for your hind and spend a nice day!

    • Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately there’s no announcement nor preparations about that train, though pandemic restrictions all ended.

  5. Hi Onur
    Can you tell me, if there are the Kapikule – Halkali and the Uzuköprü – Halkali-Train in 2022?
    Could’nt find them on the TCDD-Ticket-Page.
    Me and two friends want to travel on June, 7th from Edirne to Istanbul. Maybe you can help us.

    Thanks a lot.


  6. Hi Onur. We’re a family of four in Fethiye until October 22 at which point we want to get (near) to Georgia preferably via train. At first glance of your website I am thinking we could get to Kars via Ankara still via the express train. Just need to work out how to get to Ankara from Fethiye!

    • Hi Colin. The shortest route is Fethiye-Denizli by bus, Denizli-Eskisehir by Pamukkale Express, Eskisehir-Ankara by HST.

  7. Good morning,

    I am the publisher of the EURASIA rail map which is used by many rail transport companies.
    Among others, the Turkish company PASIFIK EURASIA.
    The map is being updated. please let me know when the HSL/200km/h/ Kapikule – Halkali line will be open.

  8. Hello, do you know if/when the Turistik Dogu express will start this year? What is the easiest way to buy tickets as it is always sold out. Thank you

    • I guess it’ll start in autumn, but there’s no official announcement about that. There are only two ways: TCDDT’s online website or attending a private tour.

  9. Hello Onur,
    I’ll be visiting Izmir region in mid-October this year. I was looking for the most recent time table for regional trains departing from Denizli to Izmir, also wanted to book my seat online but had no luck so far. The only trains I could find were the Express Trains in the middle of the night. Do I still need to visit the station to buy the tickets, or are they just completely sold out? Any idea?

    • Hi. Denizli-Izmir trains are available online, but only 6 days prior to departure. So you just need to wait for some time. You can check by entering a sooner date.


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