Raise in rail fares

Train fares are increased by 20% valid from 3rd of January.

The HST, main line and regional train fares operated by TCDD Tasimacilik are increased by 20% beginning from 3rd of January.

New HST fares are as follows:

İstanbul-Ankara HST132 ₺198 ₺
İstanbul-Konya HST158 ₺237 ₺
Ankara-Konya HST52,5 ₺79 ₺
Ankara-Eskişehir HST52,5 ₺79 ₺
High speed train fares (as of 3 Jan 2022)

In addition to 20% increase, couchette supplementary prices are increased from 25 TL to 50 TL. Fare of Touristic Dogu Express, which started on 15th of December, is not changed. New fares of overnight trains are as follows:

Dogu Express (Ankara-Kars)82,5 ₺132,5 ₺
Touristic Dogu Express (Ankara-Kars)650 ₺
Vangolu Express (Ankara-Tatvan)82,5 ₺132,5 ₺212,5 ₺
Guney Kurtalan Express (Ankara-Kurtalan)76 ₺126 ₺206 ₺
Ankara Express (Istanbul-Ankara)121 ₺308,5 ₺
Izmir Mavi (Ankara-Izmir)87 ₺202 ₺
Konya Mavi (Izmir-Konya)76,5 ₺176,5 ₺
4 Eylul Mavi (Ankara-Malatya)56 ₺106 ₺
Overnight train fares (as of 3 Jan 2022)

Fares of other main line trains and some regional trains are as follows:

6 Eylul/17 Eylul expresses (Izmir-Bandirma)41,5 ₺
Ege Express (İzmir-Eskisehir)65 ₺
Erciyes Express (Adana-Kayseri)33 ₺
Firat Express (Adana-Elazig)52,5 ₺
Pamukkale Express (Eskisehir-Denizli)62 ₺
Goller Express (Izmir-Isparta)71 ₺
Ada Express (Adapazari-Gebze)25,5 ₺
Konya-Karaman regional train8 ₺
Other train fares (as of 3 Jan 2022)

Train fares were raised by 20% 3 months ago. After being steady about 2 years, train fares have raised by about 45% in last 3 months.

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. I suppose the customer will be contributing with these fare increases for all the new plastic rubbish TCDD are to introduce, also a huge decrease in the passenger numbers heading east. It will soon be cheaper to go by coach, at least you don’t end up two to three hours late doing so

    • With the inflation it’s only normal to increase the prices like this. They are still ridiculousely cheap for a big ‘single’ compartiment for 20 hours of train

    • You have right. It’s because of subsidiary. If I were the gov, I would only support seats, not couchettes nor sleepers.


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