Rail Freight

Rail freight prices increased as well

Domestic rail freight prices are increased by 20%

TCDD Tasimacilik announced new prices for domestic rail freight transport. Increase rate is 20%. New price is 0.2 TL/km-ton in all domestic routes. With new tariff, cost of transportation of 500 net ton of freight (around 20-trucks-equivalent) from Adana to Izmit Kosekoy (1005 km) is around 100k TL (€6000).

Increase in rail freight prices are still far less than increase in USD exchange rate, electric or fuel prices. Since July 2019, in 32 months, rail freight prices are increased by 100%. In same period, USD exchange rate is increased by 159%, diesel by 230%, electric by 314%. This difference is the main cause of increasing demand in rail freight.

There’s no change in international tariff. The international tariff is in Euro and is not changed for years. The price of an export load of 500 tons from Konya to Kapikule (1040 km) costs around €16k.

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