More train tickets online

TCDD Tasimacilik adds new trains to its online ticketing platform.

Two train services are added to EYBIS, TCDD Tasimacilik’s online ticketing platform. With these two, total number of trains, tickets of which can be purchased online, has reached to 27.

After high speed trains and main line trains, regional trains are being added to online ticketing platform (EYBIS) one after the other. Tickets of Gebze-Adapazari, Konya-Karaman, Eskisehir-Afyon, Eskisehir-Kutahya and Eskisehir-Tavsanli regional train services could be purchased online for a long time. Two new services, Halkali-Kapikule and Halkali-Uzunkopru have recently added to online ticketing platform.

Izmir-Denizli also added to online ticketing platform just after this post.

These ticket also can be purchased via Call Center and TCDD Tasimacilik’s mobile applications.

Tickets are on sale 15 days prior to departure.

Halkali-Kapikule service, which was recently operated between Halkali-Alpullu due to engineering works will restart running between Halkali and Kapikule as of 7th of April.

Tickets of remaining 19 regional train services and all international train services (though international trains are all suspended for now due to pandemic) can only be purchased via ticket offices at stations. This is not a big difference for regional trains where there’s no seat reservation and travellers can travel on foot when trains are too crowded. However for trains like Sofia Express, Bosphor Express and Transaisa Express, travellers need to plan their journeys long before the travel, but the only way to buy ticket is to visit one of the stations with international ticket offices. It’s sad that almost everything can be purchased online but the international train tickets.

Cover photo: EYBİS


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