Istanbul Eskisehir HST

Train details, route map, train timetable, options, fares, sales channels and notes about high speed train giving service between Istanbul-Eskisehir:




30 days

All seats

  • What is the operator of Istanbul Eskisehir HST? TCDD Taşımacılık
  • How Istanbul Eskisehir HST looks like? Siemens HST sets
  • How far is it between Istanbul-Eskisehir by rail? 307 km
  • How long it takes between Istanbul-Eskisehir? Around 3:00 hours
  • Is reservation required for Istanbul Eskisehir HST? All seats with reservation, see on ticket
  • Is accessibility provided inİstanbul Eskişehir YHT? Some seats of train is reserved for travellers who need accessibility
  • Is there food/drink service in Istanbul Eskisehir HST? No service/buffet due to pandemic
  • May I take bicycle with me in Istanbul Eskisehir HST? Only folding bicycles that fits luggage part over seats can be carried.

Daily departure in each direction

İstanbul-Eskişehir HST train timetable
(As of 09 Jan 2023)

Though we work hard to keep timetables up-to-date, there may be short-term delays for update. Please check official timetable of train.

  • 2+2 seats
  • Power in some seats
  • Wifi
  • 2+1 lux seats
  • Power and LCD in each seat
  • Wifi

As of 09 Jan 2023, valid per person, based on official website of operator. Click for discounts.

Tickets on sale 30 days before departure

How can I buy the ticket?

MobileApp Store or Google Play
Call center444 82 33 (English available)
Ticket officeTrain stations, agencies, PTT offices
Istanbul Eskisehir HST tickets sales channels
  • High speed trains and overnight trains call at 5 stations in Istanbul. Pendik, Bostanci and Sogutlucesme in Asian side, Bakirkoy and Halkali in European side. Not all HSTs pass to the European side.
  • For access to nearest HST station in Istanbul: How to get to high speed train stations in Istanbul?
  • There are bus/minibus services passing by and tram service close to the station: How to get to high speed train in Eskisehir?
  • You can use Istanbul-Ankara HSTs as an alternative on this route.
  • You can have a bot trip on Porsuk River, visit old Odunpazari Houses, enjoy a whole day at Sazova Park, buy traditional hand made products from Atlihan Carsi.
  • Phrygian Valley, where Phrygian built castle, houses and monuments by sculping rocks, is on the region among Eskisehir, Afyon and Kutahya: How to get to Phrygian Way by train?

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