How to get to Phrygian Way by train?

The region between Kutahya, Afyonkarahisar and Eskisehir which is named as “Phrygia Epiktetus” (Little Phyrgia).

The region that was covered with lava and ash of Turkmen Mountain was filled with temples, alters, graves, houses and defend structures by carving and hewing by Phrygians between BC 900-600.

Phrygian Way – Photo: Kutahya Mayorship

Phrygian Way is spread out over an area between three cities, Kütahya, Afyonkarahisar and Eskişehir, reachable from each. Eskişehir, Afyon and Kütahya are closest stations to the region.

Phrygian Way is spread out over a wide area, thus better to explore by car, tour bus or bicycle. The starting point and route should be selected according to the city you’re departing from (map:

How to get to Phrygian Way from Istanbul by train?

Eskisehir3:30Istanbul Ankara HST, Istanbul Konya HST
Phrygian Way0:45
Istanbul-Phrygian Way by train

How to get to Phrygian Way from Ankara by train?

Eskisehir1:30Istanbul Ankara HST, Ankara Eskisehir HST
Phrygian Way0:45
Ankara-Phrygian Way by train

How to get to Phrygian Valley from Izmir by train?

Kutahya9:00Ege, Izmir Mavi
Phrygian Way0:25
Izmir-Phrygian Way by train

*** Alternative routes from Izmir to Phrygian Way can be either using Konya Mavi to Afyon, Ege or Izmir Mavi to Kutahya or Eskisehir. Be careful about arrival time.

How to get to Phrygian Way from Konya by train?

Eskisehir1:30Istanbul Konya HST
Phrygian Way0:45
Konya-Phrygian Way by train
  • Phyrgian Way project was started in 2008. The official page involves not only a very good guide for the region, but also map, GPS data, contact information of local guides and travel notes of trekkers.
  • Hotels are quite a lot and comfortable in all three cities around. Midas Han is the only one in Phyrgian Way.