Railway Infrastructure

Desperately waiting for tunnel

The Bosphorus Tunnel, the dream project is counting the days.

Mr Prime Minister is determined to open the tunnel by the end of October, and at least 50000 citizens are waiting for passing through the tunnel everyday.

But they’re not alone in queue. Railway forwarders, who very well know that ferry means additional cost and time, are dreaming about using the tunnel also for freight trains.

But can this dream come true? Can freight trains pass through the Bosphorus Tunnel, and reach to Asian side in a few minutes?

This answer will be “NO” at least for the following 2 years. TCDD is planning to take all freight trains to other side only by ferry. Surely nobody is willing to put tunnel into a risk.

So, tunnel will continue to be the freight forwarders’ platonic lover for a few years more.


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