Investing in HSTs: Waste of money?

This is the most common discussion among freight forwarders in Turkey.

On one hand, there’s money and prestige. Railways have begun to regain its important role in transportation after a long-lasting miserable days.

On the other hand, many problems about freight trains and terminals are stil awaiting to be solved.

Shouldn’t the freight trains be the one to get such a huge investment to support our development?

I never forgot the sarcastic talk of my German collegue a few years ago telling “your county must be reacher than Germany to invest on speed trains”. And I’m sure he is not alone.

Before any financial or industrial evaluation, I strongly suggest to follow the cultural and economical consequences of speed trains on the connected cities.

Easy and speed traveling has already increased the interconnection between connected areas by all aspects. Speed rails will be the canals carrying all accumulated assets of especially İstanbul and Ankara to connected cities.

I have no doubt that freight trains will not wait too long to follow their speedy brothers.


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