Rail Freight

Is Ford Otosan turning back to trains?

Ford used to be a legend in Turkish railway sector.

5 trains per week was the biggest volume done for a unique customer.

2 new companies, carrying the Ford loads, had become important players in European railway traffic.

And that was a big stroke to popular believes.. Trains did overcome strict transit time rules.. Trains did overcome the majority CKD needs of a leading automotive company. Trains did deliver directly to prod line without any stoppage.

Despite rewriting “the book of railway” in Turkey, railway seems to lose its “number-one” place to trucks. With a huge truck fleet, Ekol Logistic is now the main logistic provider for the Ford traffic between Germany to Turkey.

Is that a broke up between Ford Otosan and railways? Is this a farewell to environmentally-friendly transportation?

That shift may better be named as “broke up between Ford Otosan and South East railway operators. Ford loads now coming on train from Germany to Italy, and the rest is carried by roro vessels.

Knowing that this decision was not easily taken by Ford, South Eastern railway operators have to think deeply about this unexpected end of this legend.



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