Rail Freight

Is it worth paying for crossing Marmara?

The ferry cost between Tekirdağ and Derince is under a heavy discussion.

Gebze has always been the main demandent region for heavy loads of trains.. Chemicals, parquet, steel, coil, automotive, etc..

Railway to Halkalı and trucking from there has been the most popular solution. The transportation cost for this solution from Kapıkule starts from 28 €/to including handling and trucking.

Once, when Bosphorus passage was possible between Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa, railway transportation upto Derince and trucking from there was another good solution. The cost was very similar, starting from 30 €/to, and had some trucking advantages compared with Halkalı. The only thing forwarders worried was the irregularity and problems in ferry.

Now approaches the time for Tekirdağ-Derince ferry, and the only cost for ferry is 22 €/to (min 28 to), where you come up with 30 €/to at the time you load to trucks in Derince.

Then who’ll pay for the Tekirdağ-Derince ferry? For whom does it relly worth paying that much money?

Number one in the list will be the heavy-goods which you have to pay a lot for handling and crossing the brigde.

Number two will be the railway cars.. Similar to heavy-goods, nobody is willing to put them aside of rail if not needed.

Number three in the list will be container operators, where Omfesa is standing as a succeeded example. The performance of the ferry of course will be essential for their final decision.

What about the rest? Are the conventional loads stucked to European side terminals? The answer is unfortunately “yes”, unless a miracle happens.

But we all believe in miracles in Turkey, and sometimes it comes true, doesn’t it?


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