Railway Infrastructure

Trains to Turkey stopped: Answers to hardest questions

Here are answers to most frequently asked questions nowadays:

BZD is not accepting railway owned wagons from Europe to Turkey, why?

BDZ announced that the reason is refusal of TCDD to accept many trains at Svilengrad to Kapikule.

Why TCDD is not accepting trains to Kapikule?

Whole heavy traffic of Halkali is redirected to Cerkezkoy, which is much smaller in terms of parking lines and container storage area. There’s a big congestion in Cerkezkoy now.

Since announcement is about railway owned wagons, mainly the conventional traffic will be affected, right?

Yes. There’s a bigger unloading/loading area in Cerkezkoy for container traffic. Conventionals are handled only in one “200m length” line. So conventionals have been affected much.

How long will it last?

Probably till “Tekirdag Derince ferry” begins and takes a considerable amount of traffic from Cerkezkoy to Derince.

Has the customs problem of Cerkezkoy Terminal been solved?

Yes. With some construction work and additional security, all terms of customs are covered, and now containers can be stored without any problem.

Then no problem with the container traffic?

Not really. Still some delays because of the congestion in parking lines and the container storage area as well.

Any precautions?

No, but IFB trains changed their arrival terminal as Tekirdag. This will help Cerkezkoy lines and storage area as well.

How and where containers are handled in Tekirdag?

At Tekirdag Port. The 4 lines constructed within port, originally for ferry connection is used for loading/unloading.

So Tekirdag Derince ferry has already started?

Not yet. The legal procedure for operation in Tekirdag Port is awaited. It’s “inofficially” announced that ferry will start by August at the latest.

But it’s also told that Derince Port is not ready technically?

The reason for that is the construction of dolphins in Derince Port to enable secure dock of ferry. And dolphins are already completely ready.

What about Tekirdag Port, is it ready too?

The berth and the ferry bridge in Tekirdag Port were already ready. There was a little breakdown on lines, but repaired last month. The port will be ready only after a short maintanance of 2 days.

So, after start of Tekirdag Derince ferry, will it be possible to reach to further regions of Turkey and to Iran by rail?

Unfortunately not. Since construction works still continue between Arifiye and Bozuyuk, trains can only reach to Arifiye in Asian side after ferry begins.

When that construction work between Arifiye and Bozuyuk will be completed?

The construction is planned to be completed by September, and by that the connection between Asia and Europe will completely be ensured.


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