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Ulusoy’s intermodal trailer train to depart from Cologne today

The first “intermodal trailer” train of Ulusoy Logistics in cooperation with DB Schenker Rail will depart from Cologne today.

This train will be the first “intermodal trailer” train departing from Turkey. Train is expected to complete the route between Cologne and Cerkezkoy in 6 days. Train will follow the route through Germany-Austria-Hungary-Romania-Bulgaria-Turkey, as used for block trains by DB Schenker for a long time.

During the first loading of train at Cologne terminal, the General Manager of Ulusoy Logistics explained Rail Turkey that transports will be done by DB Schenker’s special pocket wagons specially invested for this project. The first train will carry 30 semi-trailers with 15 pocket wagons.

Mr Lacinel also stated that the service will begin with weekly services, but trains will increase to 3 /week beginning with July.

Ulusoy Logistic had invested in 90 special semi-trailers for this transport. The pocket wagons owned by DB Schenker Rail can carry also containers and swapbodies.

Last month, Allport Cargo Services announced a service between Turkey and UK in cooperation with Ulusoy. ACS is planning to run shuttle service between Cologne and UK which is going to last 12 hours.

“Intermodal trailers” is one of the fastest growing market in Europe where lots of companies invested in that. Today, lots of trains carry trailers from Trieste Port to Europe in connection with Roro services from Turkey.

Cover Photo: Ulusoy ©

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