Railway Infrastructure

No trains to Samsun for 2 years

TCDD announced that, there will be construction works in the railway between Samsun and Kalin which is connecting Samsun to national rail network for 32 months starting with 2015.

The project is expected to start on January 2015, and closures will be applied according to following schedule:

Project Days Expected Dates Samsun-Kizilca
Kizilca-Kalin Rail connection to Samsun
1-122 Jan 15 – Apr 15 Open Open Yes
123-487 May 15 – Apr 16 Closed Open No
488-852 May 16 – Apr 17 5 days closed – 2 days open Closed No
852-974 May 17 – Agu 17 5 days closed – 2 days open 5 days closed – 2 days open Partially (2 days a week)

Since railway connection with Samsun and Gelemen (the logistic center 10 km away from Samsun) will not be affected from the construction works.

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  1. Hi Onur. Thank you very much for informing me. That’s clear the ”construction” Contract was signed probably in the same day was ”secured” founding from EU money, OK? Best regards.


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