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China Europe rail corridor strengthened with eastbound loads

3 new container block trains departed in summer from Europe to China. This will enpower the China-Europe railway connection via Russia which until now was limited with only westbound trains from China to Europe.

In June, a container train was organized by Hellmann Logistics, from Kutno Terminal in Poland to Tuanjiecun Terminal in Chongqing, China. Kutno Terminal is operated by PCC Intermodal which operates regular intermodal trains between several marie terminals and inland hubs. Thus, the goods from various places in Poland, Germany and Netherlands were collected for the train. PCC Intermodal was also the operator of the train in Europe upto Brest, the border terminal between Belarus and Poland. The 600mt long train followed the route via Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan and then arrived to Chongqing in 16 days. The route from Belarus to China was organized by YuXinOu Logistics Co. Ltd., a joint venture between Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Germany. YuXinOu Logistics was the organizer of the first train using CIM/SMGS Common Consignment Note from China to Germany in 2012.

Again in June, another train was organized by Hatrans in cooperation with Inter Rail. These partners have already been organizing trains from Chengdu to Lodz since last year, and single wagons in opposite direction. That train was the first block train in eastbound direction.

And finally DB Schenker announced the first train to China from Hamburg in August. The train is organized by DB Schenker and City and Port Authority of Zhengzhou from China, carrying industrial robots. The train followed the route through Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan to China, and completed 10,214 km long distance in 17 days. Zhengzhou City Administration is organizing weekly trains to Hamburg since last year in cooperation with DB Schenker.


Cover photo: FELB ©


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