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Halkali opening may be postponed

The opening of Halkali Terminal, which postponed due to delay in construction works between Cerkezkoy and Halkali, may be postponed again due to extension project of Marmaray.

Halkali Terminal is completely closed for more than a year due to renewal of line between Omerli and Sinekli. The construction works are estimated to end by the end of this year.

But now there is a new project in agenda which may affect the opening: The extension of Marmaray from Halkali to Ispartakule.

As Istanbul grows towards west, not only Halkali, but also Ispartakule becomes one of the dense residental areas of Istanbul. Thus, Istanbul Municipality is facing with a growing demand from citizens living in that area about extending Marmaray to Ispartakule, which will surely increase the ridership.

Currently there’s only one lane between Ispartakule and Halkali, and for running Marmaray trains and freight trains, at least three lanes are needed.

That project is not decided yet. However the need is real and essential. Postponing of that project will cause re-closing of Halkali for another long term in forthcoming years, so it’s quite likely that project will start soon and Halkali’s opening will be postponed.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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