Istanbul – Konya HST service to begin today

Istanbul-Konya high speed train service will start today..

There’ll be 2 departures in each direction every day. Departure times are 6:10 and 18:35 from Konya, 7:10 and 18:30 from Istanbul (Pendik).

The journey will 4 hours 15 minutes, which is quite shorter than bus services (10-12 hours). The economy class ticket is 85 TL (about 30 €) which is slightly more than bus tickets. Thus, trains are expected to be full as the others.

Since there are limited train sets in TCDD’s high speed fleet, tariffs of other high speed train services has been changed. Eskisehir-Konya service is now changed as Istanbul-Eskisehir-Konya. Services between Ankara-Eskisehir is decreased from 10 to 8. Between Istanbul and Ankara, there’ll be 5 departures in each direction instead of 6.

The Siemens Velaro, which has been tested, is also expected to run in Istanbul-Konya stretch.

An opening ceremony will be held today in Konya at 14:00.

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  1. Hi there

    Currently I am located in Istanbul, Sultan Ahemet and want to travel Konya, my question is: where is the nearest train station for me to catch the train for the same?

    And how much return journey will cost me?

    Kindly let me know.


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