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Who will participate 80 HST sets tender of TCDD?

TCDD is planning to open new HST tender for 80 sets this year.

As it’s already announced by Transport Minister that 53% local supply, production in Turkey and local partner will be the prerequisites of the tender.

Here are the main players expected to take part in this tender, and what they have done about local partnership:


CAF was the first company to sell high speed train sets to Turkey. There are 12 sets currently used produced by CAF. Many CAF railcars are also being used in Turkish cities. Not any partnership nor investment prorgam announced for this tender.


Siemens was the second company with HST sets sold to Turkey. There’s Siemens Velaro set already delivered to Turkey, and six more sets awarded. Siemens also may be awarded for 10 HST sets which is now under legal evaluation process. Siemens may proceed without any partnership since it has its own company in Turkey.

Hyundai Rotem

Hyundai Rotem is expected to participate the tender. Hyundai Rotem has an advantage by its local subsidiary, Hyundai Eurotem, in Adapazari, Turkey. Railcars of Marmaray has already been produced by this company. Hyundai Rotem was recently awarded for new trams of Izmir and metro cars of Istanbul.


Talgo announced its local partner for this HST tender: Tumosan, an engine company in Turkey. Talgo and Tumosan signed a MoU for local production and joint investment in Turkey.


Bombardier recently announced that an agreement with a Turkish company had been signed for local production of HST sets. Name of the company is not given. Bombardier is very active in urban transport with many railcars in several cities of Turkey.


Alstom had announced that they are looking for a partner in Turkey for HST tender of TCDD. Alstom recently selected Istanbul as its regional headoffice for Middle East and Africa. Alstom’s railcars are being used in Turkish cities, and it has a joint production with Durmazlar, a Turkish company which is producing trams and LRVs.


AnsaldoBreda’s trams are being used in two cities of Turkey. In 2009, AnsaldoBreda announced that it’s looking for a partner in Turkey for local production. Company had also a partnership with Temsa for production of buses for Kocaeli.


Chinese company CSR has been awarded several contracts for urban system in Turkish cities. Chinese Government and railway companies are spending worldwide effort for taking role in construction and manufacturing. However, nothing announced about partnership in Turkey until now.

Cover Photo: TCDD ©

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  1. Hi Onur,

    Just for your information:

    Hitachi agrees to buy Ansaldo STS and AnsaldoBreda
    24 Feb 2015
    [AnsaldoBreda double-deck EMU.][AnsaldoBreda metro train for København.][AnsaldoBreda tram for Firenze.][DSB IC4 trainset.]
    [AnsaldoBreda double-deck EMU.][AnsaldoBreda metro train for København.][AnsaldoBreda tram for Firenze.]
    [DSB IC4 trainset.]

    ITALY: On February 24 the Hitachi and Finmeccanica boards announced the signing of binding agreements for the Japanese group to buy Napoli-based rolling stock manufacturer AnsaldoBreda and Finmeccanica’s 40% stake in Genova-based signalling, train control and turnkey transport system supplier Ansaldo STS.

    Hitachi Rail said the acquisitions would represent a ‘key milestone’ in its strategy to become ‘a global leader in total rail solutions’, significantly expanding its international footprint, offering a unique opportunity to pursue untapped growth potential in new markets, and strengthening its position in signalling, traffic management and turnkey operations.

    The transactions are expected to close later this year, subject to regulatory approval. Hitachi will pay €773m for Ansaldo STS (€9·65 per share), subject to a possible pre-closing downward adjustment in the event that Ansaldo STS approves any distribution of dividends. In accordance with Italian law, Hitachi will then launch a tender offer for all remaining Ansaldo STS shares.

    The total net consideration to be paid to Finmeccanica for the current business of AnsaldoBreda and the real estate assets amounts to €36m. Some of AnsaldoBreda’s refurbishment activities and residual contracts are excluded from the deal.

    As a result of the transactions Finmeccanica’s net debt at the end of 2015 will reduce by €600m, with a net total capital gain of €250m. The company said Hitachi had been selected as ‘the best industrial partner to ensure a successful long-term repositioning’ of its transport activities. ‘The sale of the rail transport business is a key step in the execution of our Industrial Plan, aimed at focusing and strengthening the group in the core business – hi-tech Aerospace, Defence & Security’, said CEO & General Manager Mauro Moretti. ‘Hitachi has clearly recognised the know-how and expertise which would be contributed by both AnsaldoBreda and Ansaldo STS within the new group and I am sure both companies will play a key role in the future development of the Hitachi Rail business worldwide, with their centres of excellence in Transportation Systems and Mass Transit.’

    Finmeccanica was assisted by Mediobanca and UBS as financial advisers and by Grimaldi Studio Legale as legal adviser. The independent directors were assisted by Equita Sim as financial adviser. Hitachi Group was assisted by Citi as financial adviser and Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Cappelli & Partners as legal adviser.

    PS: Amina is in a meeting right now … will try to ask her for a picture in front of a Russian/China map afterwards


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