Urban Transport

Slow steps in seven rail projects

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality decided to take slow steps in 7 metro projects.

The budget for Istanbul’s seven metro projects will be limited this year. One of these 7 metro projects is Dudullu-Icerenkoy-Bostanci, which had started in 2015, and rest are the new metro projects to start this year. This year’s budget is TL 1.2 bn, where total cost of these projects reaches to TL 12 bn.

The seven projects, each will have 10% progress this year, are as follows:

Project 2016 Budget Total Cost Completion by end of 2016 (%)
Dudullu-Icerenkoy-Bostanci Metro TL 237 mn TL 2.3 bn 20%
Kaynarca-Pendik-Tuzla ve Pendik Merkez-Kaynarca Metro TL 152 mn TL 1.5 bn 10%
Cekmekoy-Sultanbeyli ve Cekmekoy-Tasdelen Metro TL 240 mn TL 2.8 bn 9%
Bagcilar-Halkali Metro TL 110 mn TL 1.1 bn 10%
Mahmutbey-Halkali-Bahcesehir Metro TL 232 mn TL 2.3 bn 10%
Atakoy-Ikitelli Metro TL 170 mn TL 1.7 bn 10%
Eminonu-Alibeykoy Tram TL 76 mn TL 505 mn 15%


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