Railway Infrastructure

No fund for these projects

Among the long list of railway investments, there are some projects with almost no considerable fund within this year from the total railway investment budget of TL 7bn.

Here below these projects, with less than 2% progress this year:

2016 Budget (TL) Total Cost of Project (TL) Target Date
106 new high speed train sets 103 mn 10,3 bn 2021
Karaman-Mersin high speed line 50 mn 2,5 bn 2020
Gaziray project and 2nd track for Toprakkale-Bahçe railway 30 mn 2 bn 2019
Yerkoy-Kayseri high speed line 30 mn 2 bn 2019
Sivas-Erzincan high speed line 10 mn 5,1 bn 2019
Menemen-Manisa additional 3 tracks 10 mn 525 mn 2018
Nusaybin-Habur railway 2 mn 461 mn 2019
Mursitpinar-Sanliurfa railway  2 mn 256 mn 2019
Ankara-Istanbul very high speed line 3 mn ?
Halkali-Kapikule high speed line 2 mn 2,23 bn 2019
Izmir Halkapinar-Otogar railway 2 mn 333 mn 2018
Sincan-Kazan railway (double track), signalization, electrification 1 mn 132 mn 2018
Suveren-Genc railway 1 mn 135 mn 2018
Aliaga-Candarli railway 1 mn 276 mn 2018

Among all these, biggest fund is for 106 new high speed train sets. Although the fund is almost 1% of total budget, this shows that tender is going to be done and contractor will start this year.

The suburban train project for Gaziantep could find a very small budget for 2016.

The two big high speed line projects which find big space in media, Ankara-Istanbul very high speed line and Halkali-Kapikule high speed line will almost see no progress this year according to the investment budget.


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