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New intermodal line from Turkey to Poland

The Polish, Ukranian and Turkish companies agreed on creating a new intermodal route from Turkey to Poland via Illichevsk.

The most interesting fact about this new route is that the line will not have any interruption until southwest of Poland due to break-of-gauge. The 395-km-long line will use the only broad gauge (1520mm) line in Poland, operated by PKP LHS. A couple of Turkish logistic companies have stated that they are working on new connections to Poland.

With this new line, the trains departed from Illichevsk will be able to arrive to Slawkow in Poland without any interruption nor bogie change. The speed will be 100 km/h and max train length will be 950 meters, which is quite competitive compared with the other intermodal routes from Turkey to Europe.

PKP LHS from Poland, JSC Plaske from Ukrain and CAG Logistics from Turkey are agreed for this new intermodal route at 12th Congress of SEEFF (South East European Associations of Freight Forwarders and Logistic Operators) held in Odesa on 2-3 June.

Ukrain was trying to get share from Europe-Asia traffic by Viking Train to Baltic countries. Slawkow line is involved in such a project for the first time.

News: Adolf Deaky

Cover Photo: PKP Cargo ©


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