Halkali-Kapikule train departed

Train services in European side of Turkey has restarted with the first train started service between Halkali and Kapikule yesterday. 

This is a daily service. Timetable is as follows:


Kapıkule 07:10
Edirne Şehir 07:25
Edirne 07:30
Şerbettar 07:47
Bahçıvanova 07:54
Sazlımalkoç 08:00
Pehlivanköy 08:06
Doğanca 08:13
Alpullu 08:26
Lüleburgaz 08:38
Kayabeyli 08:49
Seyitler 08:54
Muratlı 09:08
Çorlu 09:31
Çerkezköy 09:56
Çatalca 10:55
Ispartakule 11:26
Halkalı 11:38


Halkalı to welcome passenger trains


Halkalı 18:00
Ispartakule 18:13
Çatalca 18:44
Çerkezköy 19:44
Çorlu 20:10
Muratlı 20:32
Seyitler 20:45
Kayabeyli 20:50
Lüleburgaz 21:02
Alpullu 21:14
Doğanca 21:25
Pehlivanköy 21:33
Sazlımalkoç 21:38
Bahçıvanova 21:44
Şerbettar 21:51
Edirne 22:09
Edirne Şehir 22:13
Kapıkule 22:27

The route is 292 km and travel time is about 4:30 hours. Service is given by standard carriages pulled by loco having 234 seat capacity.

Fares are as follows:

Halkalı-Kapıkule 23,5 TL
Halkalı-Edirne 22 TL
Halkalı-Çerkezköy 8 TL
Çerkezköy-Kapıkule 17 TL

News: Jeff Hawken
Cover Photo: İhsan Dolguner ©

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9 thoughts on “Halkali-Kapikule train departed

  1. I think only one train a day is poor as passeer service. Do they have in program to introduce some more frequent suburban (banlyö) trains?
    Do you know if the international train (Bosphorus Express) will in future arrive to Halkali as well?

  2. Thanks Onur. I wasn’t sure about that because l read that Halkali
    would be closed this summer because of the works on some bridges on
    the line. I guess that this closure didn’t happen.

  3. Hello. On Hafas (european railtime tabel online), it is shown that there is again a direct sleeping car from Halkalı to Bucureşti, do you know if this is true ?
    Thank you very much for your excellent website !

    1. You can be sure that there’s still bus connection, not a train service in Turkish section. Not sure about Bulgarian/Romanian side. Please let us know when you learn/experience that part.
      Thank you for your kind words.

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