Transport Minister Ahmet ArslanRailway Infrastructure

Arslan: Investments to speed up

While many keep eyes on Turkey after repelling the coup attemp and declaring “OHAL – state of emergency” for 3 months, Transport Minister Mr Ahmet Arslan made statements about the way that Turkey’ll follow.

Mr Arslan told that improving the investment environment has priority after repelling of coup attemp. All the steps taken after including “OHAL – state of emergency” are also for keeping the interest of investors on Turkey.

Transport Minister also stated that OHAL will ease the process in bureaucracy, thus will speed up the projects.

Tranportation projects get the biggest share among all investmets in Turkey. Some of them are being funded (build-transfer-operate) by private companies like 3rd Istanbul Airport, 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul-Izmir highway, Avrasya Tunnel while railway projects are funded by government and municipalities. Important projects in railway are Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Izmir high speed train lines, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, metro projects and rolling stock to be used on these lines.

Another important topic about railway is the liberalization. Almost all the legislation have been published, but there are still a few steps to be taken like “railway licences”.

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  1. Dear Onur,
    Is there any progress on the construction of the Kars – Mezra (Tbilisi) railway? What needs to be done from now until opening?


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