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Transwaggon steps forward in tracking wagons

Transwaggon starts equipping its wagon fleet with GPS system.

GPS system has already become a standard in trucks, and has widened in passanger transportation in railways. Even though not shared with clients, TCDD tracks all his passenger trains via GPS/GPRS system in Turkey.

On the other hand, tracking of rail freight is a little complicated. Freight wagons are not accompanied by loco drivers all the time, and not powered. Thus trucking of rail freight is mainly based on manual enteries done by staff at main stations.

Transwaggon, the Swiss-based freight wagon fleet company gave a strategic decision to equip its wagons with GPS system. The company will equip 6000 wagons this year. This number means almost half of its fleet.

Transwaggon solved wagons’ problem of having no power with a battery which lasts 6 years. Thus, the GPS system which is installed during revision of wagon will be able to work until next revision. The equipment was tested succesfully for 12 months between -30°C and +40°C (the device has an operating temperature from -40°C to +85°C as informed by producer) . It sends signals every 30 minutes and turns off when wagon is idle.

The system will allow clients to follow its wagons from the departure until the arrival through a portal.

In addition to GPS system, Transwaggon also equips its wagons with QR code and NFC tags, which enables getting wagon details via mobile applications.

Transwaggon had entered to Turkish market 2 years ago with 20 covered Habbiins type wagons.

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