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Earthquake in intermodal transport

The leading intermodal train operator Metrans announced to end its service to/from Turkey.

Metrans, the intermodal train operator between Turkey and Europe, has announced that the service will be ended by the end of this month. The company has the highest number of train departures from Turkey to Europe.

Metrans has deeply suffered from illegal refugee traffic in last months, and even decided to suspended transportation of tank containers.

There’s a very hard competition in intermodal traffic between Turkey and Europe. The competition is not only between the train operators, but also between the solutions. Ro-Ro connected train solutions have been developing fast in recent years. Companies introduce fast and cheap transports from big ports of Turkey to leading industrial regions in Europe.

On the other hand, train operators directly departing from Turkey has lost strength. Many huge rail and logistics companies had ended their service, many projects which started with big ceremonies were not able to continue. Metrans was the only developing one among all, having increased the number of departures to 6 per week last year.

The company sent letter to all its clients, explaning their decision of ending the service by the end of March. By next month, Rail Cargo and Mars will be left as the only intermodal train operators from Turkey.

Cover Photo: Metrans ©


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