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Omsan Logistics becomes the first private train operator of Turkey

Omsan Logistics inked the rolling stock rental contract with TCDD Tasimacilik and became the first private train operator of Turkey.

The signing ceremony was held last week at Transport Ministry. Omsan Logistics rented 15 electric locos and 350 Fal/Fas type ore wagons of TCDD Tasimacilik. With this contract Omsan Logistics completed all the terms of licence and yet became the first private train operator of Turkey.

Being the logistics company of Oyak Group, Omsan will carry the biggest rail load of Turkey. It’s iron ore with an annual volume of 2 million tonnes, being carried from Ermaden, mining company of Oyak Group, to İsdemir, steel company of the same group.

Thi load is being carried on 550-km-long electrified line. Both loading and delivery points are railway connected and all loading/unloading operations are organized automaticly. Thus Omsan Logistics may provide a big efficiency and reduce the costs. If succeded, this may encourage new enterance to market which is now growing for years.

Omsan has most probably rented E43000 Toshiba locos. This electric loco is prefered on heavy loads and there are 45 locos in TCDD Tasimacilik’s fleet.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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