801 - Demirlibahçe İstasyonu - TCDDRailway Infrastructure

Sincan OSB arrangement for Baskentray

Due to construction works of Baskentray project, the rail connection to Sincan industrial zone will be kept closed for 1.5 months.

It comes almost to the end in Baskentray project, which is first quarter of 2018, and now the temporary line which connects Sincan industrial zone to national network will start to be renewed. Thus the connection will be closed on 9th of January.

The engineering works will last 1.5 months and there’ll be no rail connection to Sincan industrial zone during that time. The line is expected to open on 20th of February.

The scope of Baskentray project covers construction of 4-6 lane railway on 37-km-long route crossing Ankara for HSTs, passenger and freight trains. There’ll be a very dense suburban train service on these lines, thus 28 stations on route are being reconstructed.

Cover Photo: TCDD ©


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