812 - Omsan otomobil treniRail Freight

Second car train departed

Omsan’s second car train for domestic transport departed yesterday.

Omsan Logistics, which started the distribution of finished vehicles in Turkey by rail for the first time in Turkey, has organized the second train today. The train departed late afternoon from Kosekoy. The vehicles are transported to Yenice logistics center and then distributed to clients by trucks.

Second train has higher vehicles different than the first one.

In the Turkish market, 1 million cars are sold every year and all are distributed by trucks. If this project succeeds, the shares in the finished vehicle distribution market is expected to change rapidly.

There were also people from Tulomsas at Kosekoy logistics center. Tulomsas has started producing freight wagons in addition to locomotives and had one car wagon produced last year.

Kapak Fotoğrafı: Onur Uysal ©


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