823 - Trieste PortRail Freight

What’s going on at Trieste?

Trieste, the biggest hub for Turkey-Europe truck and container traffic, is having hard times nowadays.

There have been delays and disruptions in train services in Trieste since the beginning of new year, and containers are told to be waiting upto 20 days.

Ro-Ro + train via Trieste intermodal route has become very popular for intermodal operators. Ro-Ro services started to carry huge volume of containers in addition to trucks/semi trailers.

However, the connected train services seem not being able to meet this fast growing demand. It’s claimed that the unbalanced container traffic caused cancellation of some trains and thus delays in container transport.

About 300k semi trailers or containers are using Trieste between for the transports between Turkey and Europe. Almost half of them use trains along Europe.

Cover Photo: Google Maps 2018 ©


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