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Merging in rolling stock industry

Three subsidiaries of TCDD for rolling stock manufacturing is merging.

Eskisehir based loco producer Tulomsas, Adapazari based passenger coaches and sets producer Tuvasas and Sivas based freight wagon producer Tudemsas is now being merged under a new company, Turasas.

Foundation of new company will be completed in 3 months. The headoffice will be in Ankara.

Here are the expected major changes with this merge:

A giant is born

New company will have turnover of over TL 1 bn (top 200 in manufacturing companies in Turkey) and labour force of of 3800 (top 50). The total area facilities are built is 1.2 million sqm.

Centralized management

The GM positions of 3 subsidiaries end with this act and all sites will be under control of new management in Ankara. There are some intersection points of 3 companies such as high speed train set production and freight wagon production. Now the new company will decide on each considering capabilities of all 3 sites.

Headoffice in Ankara

The 3 companies are among leading compaines in their territory and have strong bonds with local industry. Since the headoffice will now be in Ankara, the company is expected to work closer to government.

Collaboration in HST production

For high speed train tender, Tulomsas’s name was heard more, due to its know how on traction and engines. On the other hand, investment for production of aliminium body continues at Tuvasas. One company may enable contribution of all these 3 sites in the production of HST sets.

Larger scale

3 sites have many common purchase items. Centralized purchasing may increase scale and provides efficiency. This may end up with replacment of some local suppliers with bigger ones.

Catch attention

Global rolling stock companies had some talks with these 3 sites in the past. New company will be a giant with almost no local competitor in its scale. This may attract attention of global companies.

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  1. Will this mean that production sites are also going to be merged into one location step by step or will they keep all 3 facilities active for the foreseeable future ?


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