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Winter surprises: Bogazici, Ege and Touristic Dogu expresses

TCDDT announced winter timetables to be valid starting with 8th of December.

There are new services and several changes together with new timetables. Here are them:

Bogazici Express started

The famous Bogazici Express of Istanbul-Ankara route started, this time between Ankara and Arifiye. This service may attract passengers from cities on Istanbul-Ankara route, allowing HSTs run with less stops.

Bogazici Express timetable

Touristic Dogu departs everyday

The touristic version of Dogu Express starts departing everyday to meet the increasing demand during winter.

Touristic Dogu Express timetable

Ege Express reaches Kutahya

The route of Ege Express changed many times in the past, shortened every time. Last route was Izmir-Balikesir. Starting from 8 December, Ege Express started running between Izmir and Kutahya.

Ege Express timetable

Less HST departures

Daily departures decrease in Ankara-Konya (7 to 6) and Ankara-Eskisehir (6 to 5) routes. Total daily departures decrease from 48 to 44. Ankara departures from Halkali decreases from 2 to 1.

High speed train timetables

Trains run faster

TCDDT speeded up many trains. 6 Eylul, 17 Eylul, Pamukkale, Karesi, Izmir Mavi and Izmir-Usak regional trains’ travel time decreased by half to one hour.

Main line train timetables

Trains stop less

Many stations that two trains used to call has cancelled: Touristic Dogu Express and Balikesir-Kutahya regional train.

Balıkesir-Kutahya train timetable

Nazilli departures end

Izmir-Nazilli service is extended to Izmir-Denizli. Soke-Nazilli trains are cancelled. No train left starting/ending at Nazilli.

Adapazari departures increased to 5

Ada Express, giving service between İstanbul and Adapazari, now has 5 daily departures in each direction. Last stop in Istanbul is still Pendik.

Pendik Adapazari train timetable

Divrigi trains reorganized

One of the three Sivas-Divrigi trains is cancelled. Instead, Erzincan-Divrigi services increased.

Sivas Divrigi train timetable

Erzincan Divrigi train timetable

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. I see the Sivas-Divrigi train via the old line (Karagol) has been cancelled. Do you think this is permanent and is the old line closed to all traffic? I think this was one of the last karma trains in Turkey before it became a DMU.

  2. Thanks. I can’t find the Elazig – Tatvan local trains either. Have they stopped or perhaps now not advertised?

  3. What is the best winter sightseeing in turkey via which train I have to take in 2 days time. Thanks


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