Regional trains

Regional trains are short distance train services between neighbour cities and towns.

Photo: Steve Hobson

All regional trains run on 300- km-long routes with one exception, Elazig Tatvan train.

Most of the regional train services are given by DMU sets. EMU sets are only used on Ankara-Polatli route. As electrified rail network is growing and EMUs are soon going to be manufactured in Turkey, they are expected to be used on more routes. In a few routes, loco hauled pulman wagons are giving service.

Frequencies vary depending on route from 1 to 25 departures in each direction per day.

With a couple of exceptions, it’s not possible to buy regional train tickets online or via call center. Tickets are sold only at stations on route.

In almost all regional trains, seat reservation cannot be done. You can take any empty seat. Some of the trains are quite crowded, there’s the chance of travelling on foot.

Regional trains of Turkey (2022 Jan)

Marmara trains

West Anatolia trains

Central Anatolia trains

North Anatolia trains

East Anatolia trains

South Anatolia trains

Suspended trains