Railway Companies

Omsan’s car carrier train arrived Derince

Another car carrier train of Omsan had arrived to Derince yesterday.

168 - Omsan Araç Treni

Omsan car train. Photo: Erkan ©

This car carrier train is the 3rd one organized by Omsan in 2014. The traction is being done by with private operators in Romania and Bulgaria with rented wagons of Touax. Omsan Logistics is the logistic service provider of Renault Group, transporting Dacia cars from Romania to Turkey both by trucks and trains.

There’s also another car carrier train on way, carrying brand-new Hyundai cars, which is expected to arrive within this week.

There has been an increasing effort for transporting cars on rail by leading finished vehicle logistic companies in Turkey. Omsan Logistics, having the biggest share in finished vehicle logistics, has a target of transportation of 30000 cars by rail, a part of which is being done via Constanta Port. Borusan Logistics, giving rail service for Borusan Auto, had also delivered 2nd car train full of BMWs last month.

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