Rail Freight

Liberalization of Turkish railways

Liberalization of railway transportation in Turkey is taking steps.. Mr Elvan, the Transportation Minister, had stated recently that railway transportation will be liberalized by 2015.

Law about railway transport, one of the few areas under state monopoly, had changed last year by parliament.

Then followed the foundation of Railway Authority (DDGM).

Next step will be to split TCDD into two separate companies: TCDD will be a infrastructure operator where the new company, TCDD Tasimacilik AS will be train operator (both passenger and freight). Preparations for splitting still continues.

Regulations are another important step, which are now under discussion.

Regulations will determine how infrastructure companies, train operators and other railway companies will work, the procedures, terms and limitations, rights and liabilities and principles.

It’s not easy to predict how liberalization takes place, how rates and service quality change, how much of the current local railway companies stands and if the global competition ends up with a few companies in the market. Those we’ll see by time.

With a serial of posts in Rail Turkey, we’d like to introduce you with the most-likely changes after liberalization of railway transport which have not been decided yet and are still under discussion.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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