Urban Transport

Izban Torbali line opens today

Extension of Izmir’s suburban service Izban to Torbali opened today.

As announced by Izban, service on this new line starts at 05:25 and lasts till 23:55. The frequency of service is 27 minutes. There are 76 departures in total on this line.

The new stations opened for suburban service are Develi, Tekeli, Pancar, Kuşcuburun, Torbali and Tepekoy. With this 30-km-long new line between Cumaovasi-Torbali, total length of Izban network will increase from 80 km to 110 km.

With a monthly ridership of 8 mn, Izban is the busiest suburban line in Turkey. With opening of Torbali line, this volume is expected to reach to 9 mn.


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