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The biggest private rolling stock fleets of Turkey

About 20% of over 20 thousands of freight wagons are owned by private companies in Turkey.

The private wagon ownership was encouraged with the special tariff of TCDD in 2005. By 2015, one third of the freight was carried by private wagons in Turkey. Today, by liberalization, private wagon ownership arrives to a junction.

Here is the biggest private freight wagon fleet owners of Turkey*:

#10 – Proservis Express

Proservis has headquarter at Izmit, operations at Afyon, Isparta, Burdur, Denizli, Balikesir and Izmir. Company has 90 freight wagons, most of which are container wagons.

#9 – Turkon Railway

Turkon Demiryolu is a subsidiary of Turkon Holding, which has container vessels and shipyard. Company has 121 container wagons.

#8 – Aslan Maritime

Aslan Denizcilik is dealing with combined transport having vessels, trucks and wagons. Company has 132 container wagons.

#7 – KLN Logistics

KLN Logistics is a subsidiary of Kolin Group. It has important investments in rolling stock in recent years. Company has 160 container wagons.

#6 – Icdas

Icdas is the second biggest steel producer in Turkey and has 176 Eanoss type freigt wagons.

#5 – Reysas

Reysas is one of the leading LSPs of Turkey. Company has 230 freight wagons.

#4 – Medlog

Medlog is a subsidiary of MSC, leading container operator in the world. Company has 255 container wagons and running container trains to/from ports.

#3 – Rayser+Serfirat

Rayser and Serfirat, subsidiaries of same group, has 287 freight wagons in total.

#2 – Tupras

Tupras, the biggest industrial company in Turkey, is carrying oil between its rafineries. Company had signed the biggest rolling purchase order in recent years. The fleet had reached to 452 wagons wit this order.

#1 – Ar-Gü

Ar-Gü, a subsidiary of Arkas Group, has the biggest private wagon fleet in Turkey. Company has 706 freight wagons, all of which are suitable for container transport.

* The official figrues by the end of 2015 is considered. Numbers of Ar-Gü, Medlog and Aslan Maritime is updated based on their official declerations.

Cover Photo: Argü ©


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