702 - Ekol Intermodal

Turkey-Europe intermodal lines

The intermodal traffic between Turkey and Europe has developed very fast in recent years.

Here below are leading players of intermodal market giving service by train or Ro-Ro+train to/from Europe:

Ekol Logistics

Ekol Logistics was the first to introduce Ro-Ro+train intermodal system to Europe. The company strengthened its position by starting its own Ro-Ro service on this route. Today, Ekol Logistics has the biggest number of semi-trailers on Turkey-Europe route. The company is carrying over 50k units on its below intermodal network:

Ekol Logistics intermodal lines

Un Ro-Ro

Having acquired Ulusoy RoRo, Un Ro-Ro has strengthened its position especially on Ro-Ro service market to/from Turkey.

un ro-ro intermodal lines

As the company has started to play an important role on intermodal business, it’s extending its services not limited with Ro-Ro but also with connected trains, such as Trieste-Wels train.

Europe Intermodal (Kombiverkehr)

After operating container trains between Turkey and Europe, Europe Intermodal shifted its trains to Trieste. These Ro-Ro connected trains run to Münich, Ludwigshafen, Köln, Duisburg, Hamburg and Leipzig. Today, Kombiverkehr operates the maximum number of trains from Trieste.

europe intermodal lines

Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.

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  1. Anything that boosts freight train traffic between Europe and Central Asia via Turkey is an exciting development! Maybe some day, the Mideast will quiet down and Israel will be linked by rail to Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, not to mention Egypt and the Arabian peninsula.

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